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Timber Fencing Trellis


Wearside Fencing Ltd has a fantastic reputation for excellent quality goods. With this in mind we give our customers the greatest amount of options as possible. We understand that every space is not exactly the same size, so we create timber trellis to any specification required. Also all of out timber trellis is manufactured in Sunderland by a highly trained and extremely skilled joiner who remains on site for any customer queries.

Our timber trellis is made from timber laths that have been tanalised and pressure treated to ensure the greatest amount of protection for the wood. We also dip the goods in a staining fluid to give a consistant over all finish.

The regular trellis that we manufacture is 4inch x 4inch spacing but this can be adjusted at request. The size of the timber trellis can vary anywhere from 6ft x 6ft down to 1ft x 1ft or even smaller if needed. We can also attach the trellis to timber lath panels which makes an excellent addition for decretive

Timber trellis is often used as a soft divide between two neighbouring gardens or very frequently attached to existing fencing or walls to allow growing plants to develop. The installation of timber trellis will vary depending on where it is being place. If your attaching it to an existing fence then it is usually as simple as just nailing or screwing the timber trellis to it using either 4inch nails or the equivalent screw depending on how secure you would like the trellis to be. This is also the same if you are attaching it to timber posts etc. If you are attaching it to a wall you will first need to insure there are no wires or pipes in the section of wall you plan to attach it to. Then you will need to measure and mark the wall where you intend to place the trellis and begin by drilling pilot holes. You must then use wall plugs to ensure a good grip for the screw. In doing this the trellis should be extremely secure to the wall. This is a perfect way to allow wall plants to grow.


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