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Timber Fencing Post


The post’s used in any fencing is crucial to its stability. If the posts are substandard or damaged it could compromise the integrity of the whole fence line. We at Wearside Fencing Ltd try to ensure that all of the wood/timber that we provide is of the highest standard. It is all treated and tanalised to ensure its weather protected. This helps to prevent the wood/timber from bowing or cracking. The Tanalith E treatment process also wards of insect infestation such as wood worm etc.

We also understand that there will be many different requirements for timber posts. We try and hold a variety of timber posts lengths and widths at any given time to give the most amount of choice.

The diameter of the posts should vary depending on the length of the post required. The longer the post needs to be the wider the diameter of the post. If the total fence height is 4ft and the post is being buried into the ground we would recommend at least a 6ft long post by 3inch by 3inch diameter. The reason for this is that the fence itself is quite short and will not require a very thick post to give it strength. So, the same would follow with a higher fence. If the fence is 6ft high we would recommend an 8ft x 4inch x 4inch post to give it maximum strength. These measurements can be varied depending on the fence line etc but if you require any advise then feel free to Contact Us.

Hints and Tips

The spacing between the fence posts is also very important. If the posts are spread too far apart no matter what size posts are used the fence will not have enough strength to stay up right. It will eventually collapse. We recommend setting the posts at least 6ft apart to maximise the strength. Again this can be customised to suit but we would still recommend keeping the distance as close to 6ft apart as possible.


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