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Timber Fencing Board


Wearside fencing has one of the largest selections of timber in the North East and our boards are no exception (view below for sizing and selection). We try to hold as many different sized boards in stock as possible to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. If we don’t have a specific size in stock we’ll do our best to either manufacture it ourselves or order it in as quickly as possible. All our boards are sawn in either green or brown timber and can be provided in both at the customer’s request.

We supply varying width and length but the thickness we try to keep the same. The boards we supply always tend to be at least ¾ inch thick. This is slightly thicker than many timber that is supplied through out the north east but we find the quality and the strength of the timber boards are a lot better with this thickness. We also hold 6ft x 6inch x 5/8 in stock as well at very competitive prices incase any of our customers request it. Please see below.

Hints and tips

When boarding a fence there are several ways of arranging the boards. The two most popular are close boarding and gap boarding. Either way is fine, neither way will effect the strength of the fence just change the appearance.

With close board fencing we recommend that narrower boards are used just for esthetic purposes.

With gap board fencing you can use either wide or narrow boards but just remember to keep in mind the gap between each board and the way that it will make the fence appear.

This is a handy tip. This apply even more if you are using thinner timber such as the 5/8 thick boards. If they are not secured properly they will tend to warp after time.

If you require any further information or tips then please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.


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