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Examples of Recent Security Fencing Works


Byron Place

Broxap Ornamental Pennington Railings


Wearside Fencing Ltd was happy to accept the responsibility of the fencing works at the new Byron Place Shopping Centre in Seaham. The site required several kinds of fencing to be installed for several reasons. Some of which were crash barriers/Ornamental railings that were supplied by a company called Broxap which consisted of high durability and strength post that were made from cast iron. The rails were made from 48.3mm dia mild steel circular hollow sections. The full fencing system was then galvanised and hand painted before installation to the desired colour.


The fencing itself was installed in two different ways. Approximately 180m was base plated and 120m were root fixed. Several sections of fencing were stepped as shown in the photographs; this meant the rails had to be modified to ensure a clean finish. The result was an exceptional fence line made from a durable, safe and attractive system that compliments the site.



Byron Place

Roundex Vertical Bar Fencing


For the secured yard at the rear of the building Wearside Fencing Ltd was asked to install a system called Roundex Vertical Bar Fencing which is manufactured by a company called IAE.


Wearside Fencing Ltd installed approximately 75m of Roundex Vertical Bar fencing however the works itself were not as easy as it may seem. As shown in the photographs the fencing had to be installed on top of a 1.2m high wall but as well as the height the fencing also had to have cranked posts because of security reasons. The fencing had to sit at the front edge of the wall as specified by the contractor.


The fencing there for consisted of Roundex Vertical Bar Fencing panels that were made from square hollow section verticals set at 100mm gap, heavy duty channel horizontal rails but were then supported on cranked steel posts that were manufactured especially for the works. The fencing was the Galvanised and powder coated to the colour required by the client.


Wearside Fencing Ltd team of trained fence installers then installed the fencing to the highest of standards which a finished with an excellent fence line that gives the yard exceptional security while being very pleasing to the eye.


Byron Place

Roundex Single Leaf Motorised Cantilever Sliding Gate


Wearside Fencing Ltd has installed many gates over many years but this has been the largest on our records.


The gate itself is 11 metres wide x 3 metres high. It consists of Roundex style materials to match in with the rest of the fence which meant that the gate was going to be exceptionally heavy. The foundations had to be re-designed because of the sheer weight of the gate and for the fact that the gate was going to be motorized.


The gates make-up means that it is a high security gate that will be able to with stand most impacts if required. Also because of its size motorization was a priority but also added excellent convenience for the shopping centre itself.


This gate was a massive success which will be standing and operating for many years to come. Wearside Fencing Ltd would be happy to quote for any such gates in the future and be happy to reassure our clients of the high standard of workmanship that went into this gate.


Seaham Anglers Club

Heras Crusader


The Seaham Anglers Club required a slightly more aesthetically pleasing fencing system so Wearside Fencing Ltd was asked to install Heras Crusader.


Heras Crusader is a fencing system that consists of verticals for fence 25.4 x 2mm CHS at 131mm centres with a CR5 top and horizontals 50 x 25 x 5mm channel with 1no centre support per bay. Supported on 102 x 44mm RSJ posts set in concrete foundations 600 x 300 x 300mm.


Wearside Fencing Ltd was asked to install approximately 70 metres of fencing and 3 gates. The result was a very attractive and practical compound made from a cost effective and durable fencing system.


Seaham Leisure Centre

Super 70 Chain Link


Wearside Fencing Ltd has a long and proud history of working well with many of the north east council and the Seaham Leisure Centre project was no exception.


The original fencing around the Seaham Leisure Centre had fallen into disrepair and required a complete overhaul for aesthetic purposes as well safety and security reasons. Wearside Fencing Ltd gave Easington District Council several options for the works and finally settled on the Super 70 Chain Link fencing system.


Manufactured throughout from high tensile wire to 70 tpsi – over twice the strength of traditional Chain Link Fencing. The increased strength of the wire allows for greater tensioning making the fence more difficult to cut and dismantle. The wire is galvanised to BS 443 prior to unique green treatment, which increases resistance to white rust corrosion


Before the works could commence there was over 300 metres of old chain link fencing to be removed which was done following all health and safety protocols and the chain link was disposed of through a registered steel scrap yard.


The steel Super 70 Chain Link was then in stalled following the preparation of the site. As shown in the photographs the fencing was a massive success. Seaham Leisure Centre is now left with a high security fencing system that is also appealing to the eyes.



Rolls Royce Factory, Sunderland

Palisade Fencing and Gate


The Rolls Royce factory in Sunderland had great plans to renovate many aspects of there site on the Pallion industrial estate. There plans included making several compounds with personal access as well as vehicle access.


Wearside Fencing Ltd was given the responsibility of installing these gates and fencing, one of which is displayed in the photograph. This particular fencing is Palisade consisting of 2.4m high galvanised steel palisade fencing, produced from 102mm x 44mm x 7.4kg/m RSJ standard posts set in 600mm x 300mm x 300mm concrete foundations at 2.75m centres, 2 No. 50mm x 50mm x 6mm horizontal rails, 1 No. bottom support leg per bay set in concrete, 3 mm triple pointed ‘D’ section pales secured to rails with 6mm rivets and collars at 150mm centres.


The gate was a 5.1m wide x 2.4m high double leaf gate to match fencing, complete with drop bolts and slip latch. Gates hung to and including 2 No. RHS gateposts set in post holes 400 x 400 x 600 deep and concreted to full depth.


This is a very common Security Fencing System used around many compounds all around the world. Its reliable, easy to maintain and relatively cost effective. Its also exceptionally versatile when it comes to installation and also appearance. This particular works use triple pointed pales for security reason but there are other options for pale style depending on the requirements of the customer.


The South Hylton Tansy Centre

Bow Top Fencing and Gates


Bow top fencing is a very common style of fencing to be used at school and other such areas where fencing needs to be more aesthetically pleasing rather than high security. Although it may not have pointed tops or barbed edges it is still extremely strong and durable. This particular works were made from 102 x 44 RSJ posts at 2.75m centres, top and bottom rail in 40 x 10 flat with 2 No. supports to lower rail infill in 16mm rod with bows at 120mm centres. The finish was galvanised to suit the clients requirements.


Bow top fencing can inevitably vary in design and specification depending on the purpose for it is require for. This is quite a high spec of bow top with heavy 16mm rod but that doesn’t always have to be the case.


Wearside Fencing Ltd believes that these works were a huge success. The fencing has been presented very well and installed to the highest of standards. We are proud to say that we have been installing bow top fencing for many years now and our team of fence erectors have the experience required to make a good job.




Bow Top Fencing and Gate


This particular works presented some what of a challenge for our team of manufactures and installers as the fence line that was required was on quite a steep bank. Inevitably we have had to deal with these types of situation many times before but every job is different. Because the bow top fencing is a rigid system made out of steel panels it had to be made specifically for this installation. Each section had to be measured individually to ensure a clean finish. Each angled panel was then manufactured by our time served team of fabricators to exactly the measurements required.


The fencing itself was manufactured out of 16mm diameter round bar verticals (10 bows per 2.75m bay) welded to 2 No.40 x 10mm horizontals with 2 No. 40 x 10 RSF anti sag supports per 2.75m bay.


After manufacture the fencing panels were then galvanised and powder coated to the desired colour for the clients specification. This fence line also included a double leaf gate that was also manufactured by ourselves to allow public entrance and also adequately sized to allow a small grass cutting machine.


Because of its playful design and colourful powder coating choice bot top fencing makes for a perfect choice when it comes to children play areas, schools, parks and other such locations.




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