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Betafence Nylofor Fencing


Example of Nylofor FencingSpecially developed to provide maximum performance and quality at competitive price levels.

Long Life

Galvanised and PVC coated for long life and low maintenance and aesthetic appearance.

Easily & Rapidly Installed

With a choice of post systems:

-Bekafast fixing-less posts

For simple boundary end demarcation fences To BS 1722 Part 14 Category 1

-Twilfix 2000 posts

For general security & anti-intruder fences To BS 1722 Part 14 – Category 1&2

Complete system

Supplied as a complete system with panels, posts, fixings and robusta gates. Vertical or cranked extensions to support 3 rows of barbed wire available to provide additional security.

Technical Spec


The Nylofor medium panel is reinforce with four V shaped beams to enhance the rigidity, and provide a longer delay factor against cut-through.

Mesh Pattern: 100x50mm resistance welded at each intersection.

Horizontal Wires: 4mm diameter at 100mm centres.

Vertical Wires: 4mm diameter at 50mm centres

All panels have a 30mm barbed top edge.

Posts and Fixation

Twilfix 2000

-posts pitched at 2.525m centres – Post size 60x60x2mm RHS

- 80x60x2.5mm RHS for multi-lift fences at 4.0m high

- Utilise steel fixing brackets to secure panels to the front face of the posts.

- I/V = 8.03cm3

New is the profiled beam bracket which offers improved security and rigidity. On level ground two profiled brackets are required per assembly securing the panel at the upper and lower profile beam. On sloping ground four profiled brackets are necessary to secure each panel at the upper and lower beam. The remaining fixings are the standard universal brackets.


- Posts pitched at 2.525m centres.

- Unique profiled section 50mm wide x 60mm deep

- I/V + 5.23cm3

No fixings required

Coating Techniques

Panels made out of galvanised wires (min. 40g/m2). An adhesion coating is given for perfect adhesion with the plastic coating.

The posts are polyester powder coated with a galvanised substrate in accordance with euro norm 10147. Afterwards an adhesion coating is applied and finally the posts are plastic coated (min. 60 micron).


Bonded PVC coated green with a galvanised substrate.


The Characteristics of these panels also render them to be ideally suited for applications requiring high degree of resistance to impact and vandalism of the fence.


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