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Wearside Fencing Limited is delighted to announce that it has gained a chain-of-custody certification for both Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes (PEFC), effective 3 December 2015. The award has followed a strict audit of Wearside’s procurement and handling of certified wood products.

Chain-of-custody records the path wood products take from the forest to the final consumer. It includes all stages of manufacture, transportation and distribution and identifies the movement of the product from one link in the supply chain to the next. It is achieved by each link in the chain having a management system that can demonstrate how certified wood products are identified and controlled throughout the time that the product is in ownership. Therefore Wearside Fencing can now ensure that all their certified wood comes from proven, well-managed forests according to the requirements of the FSC or PEFC schemes.

Environmental regulations in the construction industry make it ever more important for contractors to prove they are using sustainable materials for building projects and Wearside Fencing’s new chain-of-custody accreditation brings real benefits for its customers who can now point to Wearside’s FSC certification for their clients. In addition, local authorities are able to purchase from Wearside in the knowledge that the timber materials they need come from well-managed forest sources.

Sustainability has always been hugely important to Wearside Fencing and we are delighted to see that our efforts to gain the certification have paid off. We are passionate about using responsibly sourced materials wherever possible and we are pleased we can now make the promise that the wood our customers purchase has been sourced from well-managed forests."

All PEFC and FSC materials sold under Wearside’s chain-of-custody will be identifiable and reportable, all staff will be trained in chain-of-custody procedures in line with the requirements of the appropriate standards.

Through the efforts of many key team members Wearside now offers a real solution to contractors and local authorities wishing to comply with the UK government's timber procurement policy.




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